Creativity is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Why not apply it to your closet to get more wear out of the clothes you already own? It’s like playing dress-up in a friend’s closet, except you come out with an understanding of how to see your closet as abundant instead of overwhelming. 


This is a two hour event that focuses on understanding elements of style - things like use of colour, texture, proportion, and silhouette - and how they can help you change the way you see clothes so you get more use out of them. 

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- First hand and in depth learning about elements of style with the opportunity to APPLY what you’ve learned right away so you can start shopping your closet and feeling good about what you wear asap
- A better understanding of your own personal style and how to make smart shopping decisions going forward
- Learn how to shop your closet and come up with new ways to wear your existing clothes
- A fun and rewarding way to build a more sustainable wardrobe and become a conscious consumer 
- Two fun hours with a group of like-minded people 
- 2 Free slow fashion downloads 


- After you purchase your ticket, you will receive 3 inspiration looks specific to our theme and our 2 invited guests whose closets we will shop live and in real time 
- You can choose to interpret these looks from your own closet and submit them to us beforehand to be shared during the event, or simply observe - participation is encouraged but not mandatory
- The event is 2 hours long and VERY interactive. Alyssa will explain elements of style and how to identify them, then to practice your new learnings, the audience will work with Alyssa to break down the first two inspiration looks, and shop our two guests’ closets live and in real time. 
- There is a Q&A period, and we finish by sharing everybody’s looks who submitted them (we always make sure we have your permission to do this first!) 


“I had a really great time. I learned so much about evaluating what elements of style work for me specifically rather than trying to copy-cat a look. This exercise is making me think about what I already own and being more deliberate about future purchases. 

“I love attending these! I always leave inspired to ind new looks in my closet and look for ways to reduce my clothing consumption!”

“After attending my first Shop Your Closet event last summer, I didn’t think I’d “need” to attend another one. But, this was just super fun. And I think it’s good to periodically get re-energized by trying out new looks I wouldn’t necessarily gravitate toward”

“I was looking forward to it but would have never guessed how much fun it actually is. Your guests were amazing.”

“I hardly ever come up with an outfit before the presentation but you, your guest, and the other participants help me to see things in a different way. Every time I know I can make at least one of these outfits. 

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