About Me

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here.

Really – I’m not just saying that because this is an About Me page and it sounds appropriate. Every time I get a new subscriber on my Youtube Channel, or see an increase in page visits in my analytics, I actually wave at the screen with a giant smile on my face. 


Because it means that I’ve been able to share my passion for creating a more curated, slow fashion closet through minimalism, smart styling, conscious shopping, and just maybe, another awesome woman is starting to feel more confident in her clothes and in her consumer choices. 

I wasn’t always into slow fashion and minimalism. But when my husband and I moved into a 700 square foot condo in the heart of an urban centre and I quit my finance job to work retail and freelance – I learned about minimalism and conscious consumerism real quick. 

Not only was it a question of affordability, but I realized that I didn’t really need a huge closet (or a lot of other things for that matter). As a freelance wardrobe stylist I was constantly surrounded by clothes, and quite frankly, got sick of seeing the same, inexpensive garments hanging on racks only to be purchased and discarded a few weeks later. I also grew tired of the “I have nothing to wear” mentality surrounding me, and the havoc overconsumption was having on the planet. So I set out to create a space where using what you have and shopping smart didn’t come from a judgmental or guilt-inducing space, but one of creativity and confidence.

I believe that the secret to a curated closet and being a more conscious consumer has everything to do with being creative with what we’ve got and smart in our purchasing decisions. Embracing slow fashion yields a smaller closet full of pieces you actually wear all of the time, a powerful boost of confidence when getting dressed, and a solid dose of love for the planet. If you’re here, maybe you’re interested in starting your journey to a more conscious closet and I am so here for it. 


Here are a few very honest points about me: