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Why the 80/20 Rule for Shopping is the BOMB

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Last week I talked about shopping with a list, and if you’re still with me and not hating me for taking all the fun out of shopping (thank you!), here’s the next little trick that I said would keep that fun, spontaneous, indulgent part of shopping alive.

It starts with this  article about the 80/20 rule. I love this rule as it is the PERFECT complement to shopping with a list.

If you didn’t feel like clicking on the hyperlink to the WWW article, the 80/20 rule is a technique where 80% of your shopping budget goes to planned, thoughtful, and foundation pieces (ie; whatever is ON your LIST as an investment piece!), while the remaining 20% can be reserved for whims, or trends you want to try. So you can still make those off-beat purchases that you’re not 100% sure about, but you’re doing it in moderation and with a little more thought.

I’ve been trying it, and here’s why I love it:

It’s a great way to keep you on track as you allocate your fashion funds. I’ve started employing it since discovering the article, and I love how it gives a little wiggle room for a spontaneous purchase here and there – it makes me think hard about what’s on my list, and encourages deliberate, thoughtful purchases vs. wasteful ones. I reserve my 20% for vintage shows and fun thrift store finds – that’s my free for all card. I also like how it’s a mindset that can be employed by anyone at any budget level. It’s a fantastic trick to employ if you are constantly surprised by a higher than normal credit card bill; and who doesn’t want to save a little money and get a handle on their wardrobe?

So tell me, is something you would try?


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  1. This is definitely something I would try! You know what? I have been on the hunt for YEARS for the perfect navy blazer. It’s elusive and apparently mythical. I am willing to spend a good chunk of change on the perfect blazer.

    Have any suggestions on where I could find one???

    1. Ooo that is so great! Thank you so much for visiting and reading! As for a navy blazer – very key; my fave is theory OR
      OR Smythe; (this one is slate but I think it serves the same purpose as navy … I think it would look pretty smashing on you)
      I have one blazer from each of these lines and they’re all 4+ years old and still going strong 🙂 I know I dont have to say this but when you find what you’re looking for .. take photos!! XOX A

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