Why I Love Cuyana’s Holistic Approach to Sustainability & My NEW Bag

I’m not really a bag lady, I’m more of a shoe person. But I still appreciate a beautifully designed and chic handbag. I find that because I don’t get too excited about handbags, it takes me a very long time to find one I like and I am extra particular in what I add to my handbag collection.

For me, a handbag is primarily for function, but I want it to look good, work with as much of my wardrobe as possible, and not have to change it out depending on the style of my outfit that day. That’s a pretty tall order – no wonder I have been searching for almost a year without finding what I’m looking for!

Until now...

Cuyana, a brand that I have been coveting for a while now reached out to me and, after being flexible and understanding of my want to acquire only items I need, they kindly let me pick out this gorgeous handbag instead of a new collection they were launching. This flexibility and understanding of my minimal consumption preference is always the first indicator to me that a brand is sincere in its environmental efforts. 

The second, is Cuyana’s in depth Sustainability Pledge, which goes beyond transparency and includes key consumer takeaways like a two year warranty on all of their products, in depth information and cleaning products so that you can maintain your Cuyana product for years to come, as well as product take back programs to continue the life of their well-made garments. These take back programs take shape in partnerships with H.E.A.R.T (Helping Ease Abuse Related Trauma) and ThredUp.

Why Cuyana Goes the Extra Mile for a Slow Fashion Shopper Like Me

I find so many brands focus on the purchase phase and the transparency of their products (which is amazing and necessary, please don’t get me wrong!) but many don’t get involved with the maintenance or end of life stage of their product. The onus for responsible maintenance, styling, and discarding of clothing falls on the consumer. As it should, but Cuyana is a great example to brands taking a holistic and educational view of their product life and I’m here for it. 

Back to this beautiful Croc Embossed Cuyana bag.

I have been wearing and testing out this simple and chic Cuyana bag for about a month now (without photographing it = hard) and can safely say it is exactly what I needed. The bag I wear every day is my big convertible backpack which I still love and wear, but more recently I want to show up to meetings or outdoor lunches with friends feeling chic and sleek and less utilitarian. 

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Is it functional?

I’m able to fit everything I need in this bag; my camera, phone, lip gloss (who are we kidding it’s lip chap i’m not fancy), my stainless straw, reusable net bag, and I bought a small secondhand pouch to fit cash, loose change, bus cards and credit cards. My wallet and big convertible bag end up being ginormous and heavy which makes no sense because I don’t carry much. Which makes me wonder – why has nobody extolled the virtues of a small bag for its minimalistic properties?!?! When you have a small bag you accumulate less! WHY have I not thought of this before?! 

Ok, but is it timelessly stylish?

Aside from it being functional, the timeless style of this bag is perfectly on point. The rich brown lets me wear it through all seasons and with all colours, the elliptical clasp on the handle is unique, and the croc motif gives it texture. The structure adds instant polish, even in a casual outfit (styling tip to always look chic 101). And even if I forget to zip it up, because of the structure, nothing falls out. This is a bonus for absent-minded me. 

Cuyana’s camera bag comes in a lovely set of neutral colours, including a beautiful deep ocean blue if you’re looking for something with more punch, but the slightly vintage-throwback feel of this croc-embossed detail has my heart. 

Oh my, I never thought I could write so much about a bag (shoes? yes!). Please know that Cuyana isn’t paying me for this post, we had agreed on me mentioning the bag in a post but I really love this bag as well as Cuyana’s approach to sustainability, and wanted to dedicate a full post to it. 

Thank you very much to Cuyana for sending me this bag as a PR gift. I know I will have it in my closet for years to come, just as you hope. 

If you have any questions about my new bag, let me know in the comments or find me on IG! 

As always, thank you for reading,

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