Secondhand Shopping Rules Everyone Should Know

#Rule 1 It requires patience and persistence. A solid piece of sustainable second-hand garment always requires in-depth research, time and visiting the store repeatedly to avoid any hasty purchase decisions.

#Rule 2 Getting the right size can be a real challenge. There is a wide range of decades and eras, hence the perfectly sized outfit might require a couple of trials. 

#Rule 3 Contributing to the re-sale market is critical. In reality less than 20% of the outfits donated, gets re-sold as often items donated are stained or torn. Hence one must be mindful at every stage of consumption

#Rule 4 It is imperative to be open-minded in second-hand shopping as not everything might fit you right off the rack.

#Rule 5 Stay-focused when doing second-hand shopping. Try to avoid any hasty purchase. Remember size, structure, personal style and quality are the primary factors always .