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Travel Guide: Discovering the Costa del Sol

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Vacation is good when you can’t remember what day it is. This summer, as a continuation of my travels with my mom, (last year at this time we visited Greece) we have decided to explore the southern coast of Spain, Lisbon, and the island of Madeira (an autonomous state of Portugal) in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Morocco. For the first part of our adventures, the big frenchman joined us.

Our first stop; the Costa Del Sol in southern Spain. Known as the “Cote d’Azur” of Spain, it stretches along the coastline of the province of Malaga and is part of the autonomous community of Andalusia. We spent 5 days at the Miraflores resort; in Mijas Costa – it had a great little suite complete with kitchen, sun chairs, umbrella, and a great view of the Mediterranean. The complex of Miraflores is HUGE and a bit confusing, but we appreciated the proximity to the beach, services, and the fact that we could make our own meals. Here, we enjoyed lazy days walking the boardwalk along the coast, but also did some exploring in Fuengirola (great nighttime piazzas and a seaside port with lively music), Marbella (more of a metropolis; small but clean and well maintained historic centre, however not a must-stop) – where we ate delicious authentic churros in a lovely piazza – and the mountain town of Mijas – Mijas Pueblo. This last spot featured an old bullfighting ring – Plaza del Torros – circa 1900 – we couldn’t get inside but even the outside was quite a sight.



Along the boardwalk in the Costa del Sol. Wearing a thrifted J.Crew dress (alternative here), belt from a market in Panama and sandals from Greece. 




In the old town of Marbella. Wearing a handmade white dress and brogues from WINNERS. 




Beautiful courtyard and century-old bullfighting ring in Mijas Pueblo. 

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Details from beautiful Ronda. I’m wearing a romper (hand-me-down from my super stylish friend, Kat Kuruc of Boakview Photography) from H&M (fun alternative here), belt from EXPRESS (love this one), Fendi sunnies from Merivale Optometric, bag from JMB Canada, vintage scarf, and brogues from WINNERS. 

Our travels around Andalusia also included a trip to Ronda which is mesmerizing, mystic, and left a lovely lasting impression. Ronda is severed by a deep chasm and connected by a very impressive bridge – the Puenta Nuevo – whose name is a bit deceiving because this bridge is entirely opposite of “nueva”. Despite the head start of construction starting in 1751 and taking 42 years to complete, it is still very old. Ronda now also holds a special place in my heart thanks to the absolutely breathtaking performance of traditional Spanish guitar, singing, and Flamenco dancing. If you visit Spain – take the time to visit Ronda and then head to El Quinque for an afternoon (or evening) of delicious food and be ready to shed some tears over an emotional performance of Flamenco and traditional music. I am very rarely moved to tears (I don’t even cry at weddings, in fact, I don’t cry at funerals either – please don’t judge – I think an entire post should be dedicated to that subject!), and this beautiful four-person performance held in an intimate venue on a hot afternoon in Ronda will be forever part of my favourite travel memories thus far. I not only highly recommend a stop in Ronda with a visit to El Quinque – I insist upon it.

I included a couple of outfit photos, but have been posting on Instagram and Facebook regularly – so keep an eye out there for details. So far I’m satisfied with everything in my luggage and have been using it all – perhaps a packing post is in order? What do you pack when you travel?

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