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Tuck, Cuff and Roll: Style Your Sweater Like a Pro

Tuck, Cuff and Roll: Style Your Sweater Like a Pro

Do you think someone could talk about the tiny nuances of styling sweaters for a whopping 9 minutes?


Well my friends, let this week’s Youtube video prove you wrong.

I’m not going to lie, I suprised myself when I finished editing this week’s video about how certain tucking techniques and cuffing tweaks can achieve completely different looks. It was only supposed to be four minutes long!

But it turns out there is a lot to be said for those seemingly unnoticeable and yet outfit-altering styling hacks. And what’s more, said styling hacks are key to falling in love with our current sweaters all over again rather than being tricked into thinking we need to go out and buy more. (which we likely don’t really need).

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A quick synopsis if you don’t have time to watch 9 riveting and highly entertaining minutes of styling hacks:

The Centre Tuck – great for: 

  • an effortless yet put together look
  • safe for work
  • great for all sweater types
  • great for showing off a statement belt
  • adds height

The Side Tuck – great for: 

  • an effortless look that comes across as more edgy vs. put together
  • safe for work
  • great for all sweater types
  • works with or without a belt

The Full Tuck – great for: 

  • adding major preppy and polished vibes to any look
  • showing off a cool belt
  • great for work
  • only works with lightweight and medium weight sweaters
  • drawing the eye to the waistline or creating the illusion of longer legs or torso (depending on the rise of your bottoms)

So which is more you? The preppy full tuck? Or a nonchalant side tuck? As silly as it may seem, I really do think it’s these tiny little details that finish a look and give us our own unique style identity … which can’t be achieved by going out and buying it at the store.

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