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Tricks to Keep Your Clothes & Wardrobe Looking Fresh

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Thank you Dominique Baker at for the pic 😉

A little while back, a friend of mine asked me to post about how to make clothing last longer – commenting that a lot of my super old pieces still look like they’re in great shape.

First of all, the fact that someone other than my mother reads my blog makes my heart sing; so that alone made my day – thank you friends for reading 🙂

But – back to the question at hand. My friend’s observation prompted me to go over my clothing routine and analyze why I’ve been able to wear the same jeans for the past 7 years. So – while I’m no expert, here are some of the habits I’ve gotten into to maintain my clothing, if you have any tips to keep your blacks their blackest and your whites their whitest, I’d love to hear them!

1 – I don’t wash my clothes often. Ew. I hope you still talk to me after this one. But in all seriousness, besides underwear, socks, and some gym clothes, most of my clothing gets at least two two three wears before I wash it. And even then, if something gets dirty, I’ll spot clean it in the sink. Running clothing through your washing machine and dryer regularly is tough on the fibres, especially if clothing is on the lower end of the quality scale. I rarely wash my denim, and blazers go to the dry cleaners only a few times a year (depending on wear) to keep their shape/feel fresh. Are you grossed out?

2 – When I do wash my clothes, it’s almost always on a cold delicate cycle, or in my sink and laid flat to try. For my wools, especially cashmere, merino – it’s ALWAYS a hand wash, then I lay towels on the floor, resulting in a lava party at the condo because it’s so tiny and already lacks floor space, and place the sweaters on top after lining up the seams so they don’t lose their shape. The big frenchman loves it when I clean my knits.

3 – When I hand wash, I use natural detergents like Eucalan or The Laundress – very expensive and bougie, but they smell fantastic, are good for the environment, gentler on the fibres, and require so little that it takes a long time to get through a bottle.

4 – I hang my clothes up or fold right away (knits are folded, not hung, shirts are opposite, denim is hung but can also be folded), and there is room for my clothes to breathe. I truly think this is key. Clothing will last longer when it’s not scrunched up against itself.

Those are some of the things I do on the daily to make my clothes last, and to some degree, it must work because I have some very old items that I still wear. I mean old, like high school old. I hope this helps next time you think you need to wash something when really, you can just go around smelling all day! Just kidding. But in all seriousness, I’d love to know if you found this useful!

Thanks as always for reading, xo


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  1. Great article! I have been bad in the past for buying inexpensive clothing and putting it all in the washer and dryer. I always wondered why things didn’t stay nice or last for long but in the last few years I have adopted a more sustainable wardrobe, and I’m taking better care of all the items in my closet 🙂

    1. Hi Erin! Thanks for reading! So glad you found this post helpful. Sounds like you’re on the right track! It’s hard to not throw everything in the dryer sometimes! But feels good to have clothes that last 🙂
      Thanks again for stopping by!

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