Thinking About It: Manicures

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Am I the only one who is way too impatient to paint their own nails? Every time I’ve tried, they end up ruined because I can’t be bothered to wait the 5,632,987,475 minutes it takes for them to dry completely. There are times when you think they’re dry, so you try doing menial tasks like – type on a keyboard, or open a door. And even then it seems to be too much. Somehow, dents happen out of nowhere. Pick up a set of keys? Hang up a shirt? ABSOLUTELY NOT. AN. OPTION. The nail gods frown on you and out of nowhere will conjure a random wall frame, or pant leg that sabotages your painstaking efforts in one fell swoop.

The alternatives are, of course, shelling out for shellac or a professional mani. Occasionally I’ll do this, but in all honesty I’d rather spend my hard earned cash on something way less materialistic and silly like, you know, clothing and shoes. (Insert laugh/crying emoji here) So I opt for DIY manis at home, thinking that I can head over to Netflix, watch a documentary and paint my nails on a quiet Sunday evening.

But then I wake up the next morning with little scratches all over my nails that I thought were completely dry after 2 hours of Madmen  said documentary.  Seriously – WHO has TIME for THIS!?!

The issue however is that I LOVE a manicured hand. It says; “I have my shit together, I’m coordinated … look! Even my hand gestures have panache.” And of course, a manicured and well accessorized hand looks great beside a pretty latte in an instagram photo. #priorities

So – I want to know; is it just me?!

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  1. OMG. You’re the best. Remember our discussion about this? I’m still laughing. Ok – I used to be a former esthetician. Try blow drying your nails after polishing. Set your blow dryer to cool and blow dry them for about a minute each.

    Alternatively, soak your fingers in ice water for as long as you can stand it. It will set the polish quickly but be warned…sometimes it causes ripples in the polish. It’s hit or miss.

    Lastly – and my go-to method, is using a quick dry product. My fave one is by Qtica sold at Trade Secrets. It’s a liquid that you drop onto your nails via dropper. It is so effective. It’s pricey…but so is everything. LOL. It also moisturizes your cuticles as it is oil-based.

    Good luck, babe! xoxoxo

    1. Thank you for reading! OMG can’t believe you were an esthetician – how did I miss that on our last coffee date!? These are great tips, thank you for sharing – I will give them a try!

  2. So true! Lol! The only time I find I have enough time to have the patience to let it dry completely is when I’m at the Cottage. And Shellac is ok once a yr at crazy prices but I hate that you have to shell out another $20 or so with tax/tip etc to then have it removed!
    Would totally save up towards a bag or something more permanent. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading Rasna! So glad I’m not alone! And yes – when i get shellac i’m the worst at making an appt to remove it!

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