Thinking About It: Being Un-Photogenic in a #selfie world

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I was having a conversation with a girlfriend of mine where we concluded that both of us appear way better in person than we do in photos. As in – we’re unphotogenic. In a world where my appearance is my brand and business, and highly visual digital platforms are my soapbox (so to speak), I sometimes get frustrated. Over time, I’ve learned which angles seem to work better than others, and to be patient as the big frenchman takes 1,834 photos of me to get a handful of good ones.

But it’s the photos during events that are toughest.

For those of you that are blessed with good posing instinct and photogenic genes, here’s a rundown of what it’s like to be your opposite.

Before I go out, I put on makeup (not too much because I’m not talented enough to use more) and curl/brush my hair or put it up (not spending a lot of time on it because – I’d rather eat or spend more time picking an outfit #priorities) – I think to myself; ooo you look great; au natural, you don’t need a lot of makeup, you look Faaabulous.

Capital F.

And then I get to said event, feeling all happy with myself and my natural good looks (it’s what I tell myself) – and i’m charming, i’m chatting to lots of people (i’m an introvert, so this is hard), life is great, etc. etc. UNTIL.

Until we take photos.

You see, at most events I attend, part of my job is to take photos and I’m surrounded by gorgeous, wonderful women who are not only beautiful (in every way) in real life, but also ON CAMERA. They are glowing, their eyes look huge, their skin and hair impeccable, and they are completely #instaperfect. EVEN IN BAD LIGHTING. I admire these ladies because their beauty translates to the digital world effortlessly. Especially when compared to my disheveled hair, giant nose (seriously, where did that come from?! It literally only appears in photos) and eyes that have suddenly reduced themselves to tiny specs when I KNOW they are better than that. Do I need to give my face a pep talk!? And please guys – you must know that I’m not making these comments for sympathy or compliments. I LIKE the way I look. I just want to know if there are other people out there who commiserate. Read on.

So then I get back home, still feeling good because 9 times out of 10 I felt good in my outfit and spent time with great people and that’s what makes me happy, so all’s well that ends well – especially after I delete the 1,985,678 failed attempts at a good instagram pic.

And then I look in the mirror expecting to see the bizarro digital version of me staring back.

But no. I see the me I like. My hair is unkempt in the coveted French girl’s “i don’t geeeve eh shit” way, and my mascara has smudged just enough to make it look like I totally nailed a smokey eye. And that’s when I come to the realisation that, maybe, the camera doesn’t love me as much as I love me. And that’s OK.

As long as I don’t have to open an online dating profile.


Anyone else feel this way?

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  1. Alyssa my dear friend… you are entitled to your own opinions. However, I must say that you are wrong. hahaha

    As the master of disguise, literary it’s what I do for a living on my blog, I am happy to share instant tricks with you that can help turn those thoughts around.

    For example, if you want brighter, bigger eyes, ditch the black liner and go for a gold shimmer all over the lid (easy peasy). Liner in the inner waterline will shrink your eyes to nothing.

    Posture is everything (something I am constantly working on), chest open, shoulders down… it’s amazing how your presence changes in the photos and in real life.

    Remember that everyone has their insecurities, and it’s typically not noticeable to others. People tell me I have a great smile on camera and in my head I’m like “please don’t let my chubbies show on this pic, I hope my witch nose doesn’t take over”…

    You know what I mean?

    Always love when you share your deep thoughts 🙂
    XOX C

    1. ahahaha thanks Chantal – for disagreeing but also for those amazing tips! First seche-vite, now this!! You are literally changing my life one post at a time. xoxo A

  2. Dude – ARE YOU CRAZY??? Look at you. Both online and in person. At the risk of sounding like a stalker, I have admired you and your good looks for years! How you put together outfits, that mane of chestnut waves, and the olive skin that probably makes French girls say: “I wanderrrr what ‘errrr secrète eeessss?”

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post!!

    1. Ah ma chere Dominique! So glad you enjoyed the post – esp as a glamazon I have always admired! Thank you as always for reading! xox

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