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This may sound odd coming from the blog of someone who is frequently called a fashionista and who balks at the sight of visible nylon sockettes paired with pumps, but for as long as I can remember, fitness has always played a huge role in my life. Whether it was playing soccer throughout my childhood and teen years, or participating in track meets and running long distance since the tender age of 12 – I didn’t realize until recently that athleticism is right up there beside aestheticism in my priorities.

So when the Dailey Method invited me to participate in their 30 day blogger challenge, I jumped at the chance. I’d read about barre classes, heard rave reviews about the studio in Ottawa, and was keen to give it a whirl. I’ve done two classes so far, and rather than give you a recap at the end of the 30 days, I wanted to compare my thoughts both before and after the whole experience.

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So – two classes in, and my muscles are already loving the unique and totally different types of exercises getting thrown at them. I went into these classes with slight trepidation because I had spent years taking all types of class (you name it; boxing, pump, zumba, HIIT, Tabata, ballet, yoga, I would have taken basket weaving if you told me there was a fitness component) and after a while, started to feel like a hamster and called a halt to studio sweat sessions. But these classes are different; the low-impact workout is great for protecting my joints which already get a beating, and it incorporates the best from multiple disciplines; yoga, pilates and orthopedic exercises. I also couldn’t help but notice it’s an extremely efficient workout – which I am a huge fan of – legs, arms, abs, the more I can work in one movement, the better.

My goal is to make three classes a week – hopefully I can stick to it – the space alone is alluring enough to get me there. It’s bright, happy, and in a central location that makes for a great little running routine. Some questions I’d like to answer (and maybe you’d like answers to!) by the end;

1 – do my muscles feel stronger?

2 – has my flexibility improved?

3 – has my posture improved?

4 – has it rekindled my love for a studio-type workout?

5 – is it a good complement to running?

6 – does it inject positivity in my day? week? lifestyle?


Watch out for tweets and snaps of my experience as I go through this challenge and let me know if you’d like to join me for a class or two. I’ll report back at the end of the 30 days – I’m so curious as to how the workout will change as I incorporate this into my fitness routine – here we go!

images c/o The Dailey Method taken by Laura Kelly Photography 

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