This slow fashion Mindset Shift Will Change the Way You Shop – For GOOD

Alyssa's styling hacks in her slow fashion wear

The slow fashion and sustainable fashion conversation is finally turning in the right direction: addressing fashion’s overproduction problem, and subsequently, our overconsumption problem. An estimated 92 billion tons of textile waste is generated every year – and yet fashion brands continue to build overproduction and obsolescence into their supply chain. We know all this, and […]

Thank You! 100K Celebration

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I debated posting about my little celebration the other day. In the giant ocean that is the Internet, 100K subscribers on a Youtube Channel is the tiniest of drops in the tiniest of buckets. But after reflecting, the reason I felt so compelled to celebrate 100K subscribers was to share my thanks with everyone who […]

5 Styling Hacks That Have Changed My Summer Wardrobe

I will be completely honest: chic summer outfits are not my forte. I’ve wanted to elevate my summer wardrobe game for a long time now but living 80% of my life in frigid tundra-like conditions makes it difficult. There is so little time to practice! But I’m happy to say that over the years, I’ve […]

5 BIPOC Sustainable Style Bloggers to Follow

If you read my newsletter, you are familiar with my fan-girling over Aja Barber, the fiery writer  and blogger who drops sustainable style knowledge and truth bombs on the regular. I’ve been following Aja for a while, and for a long while, she was one of the only Black sustainable style influencers I followed. Since […]

4 Ways to Trick Your Brain to Stop Shopping

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We’ve all been there. You walk into your favourite boutique intending to buy one item and walk out with some extras and an emptier wallet. Our brains are powerful, and while marketing uses our emotions to encourage impulse shopping, there are ways to trick your brain to stop shopping, once and for all. If you’re […]

How To Style Light Colours For Winter

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Stretch Your Closet By Styling Light Colours For Winter One of the easiest ways to get the most out of your closet is by styling light colours in the winter and learning how to style off-season pieces throughout the year. I have always had an aversion to putting my clothes in a box (literally and […]

Ethical Jewelry: My Conscious Necklace is Here!

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Ethical Jewelry Collaboration With Ana Luisa I can’t believe the day has come: my conscious necklace is here! After months of keeping this ethical jewelry project under wraps, I’m so excited to announce this collaboration between myself and Ana Luisa, a Brooklyn-based ethical jewelry company. To be honest, I never thought I would have an […]

Ethically Made Footwear With Poppy Barley

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It really doesn’t feel like Spring where I am. We have yet to hit double digits and there’s snow in the forecast for today. But style and fashion must go on; we can still look good even though the weather doesn’t want us to right? Enter ethical footwear maker Poppy Barley’s annual popup in collaboration […]

My Best Investment Purchases and Items for a Curated Closet

I’ve always thought that curated “closet essentials” are wily subjects. For example, a wardrobe essential for an ER nurse who works a lot of overtime and teaches college courses on the side will look entirely different from the closet essential of a diplomat who travels 300 days of the year and attends a plethora of […]

Responsible Travel: Is it Possible?

A long time ago, my sister-in-law asked me what my first love was. You know, the thing you first discover as a child and slowly build an obsession around? Sometimes it’s a sport, sometimes it’s an animal (not going to lie, I totally had a Northern Getaway tee with a giant wolf on it during […]