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Slow Fashion and Sustainable Brands I Loved in 2017

Slow Fashion and Sustainable Brands I Loved in 2017

2017 … what a year. As I read Instagram captions and blog posts full of recaps and reflections, I’m selfishly comforted to know that I’m not the only one who had a rough go this year. Apparently, discovering who you are and learning to assert that person is not always easy. But it’s a phase I’m happy to be going through. I’ve learned more about myself this year than I have in my entire 32 years on this planet, I think.

Along with the downs there are always ups, however. And given the state of the world, if I were to really look back at this year with a better perspective, then my entire year could be considered an UP. As I continue on this journey towards a more sustainable and slow life, I’ve been introduced to some awesome conscious organizations, and even awesome-er people.

This year I got to meet the faces behind Fashion Takes Action in Toronto, work with the dynamo team at Poppy Barley I started a Youtube Channel dedicated to slow and sustainable fashion, I went to a textile summit at Ottawa’s own Eco Equitable, and I gained some long-term writing clients who share my values of slow, quality product over quantity.  

Since I was also exposed to some new sustainable brands, here are some of the products I wore on repeat throughout 2017, and which I know I’ll continue to wear years to come. Some of them come with a bonus discount code so you can support these innovative entrepreneurs and their beautiful work. If you had added sustainability or buying quality over quantity this year, these brands are a great place to start.

While I still wear leather and secondhand or recycled fur, I was very excited to have met the boss lady behind this online luxury vegan footwear store. Being based in Ottawa, Lise curates an on-point, eco chic collection of footwear that is 100% cruelty free and vegan. I had the chance to try a pair of vegan leather flats from Italian brand Mink, and wear them every chance I get. Rumour on the street is that she’s bringing in the super hot and coveted eco sneaker Veja … I already put in my pre-order!

Using leather off-cuts from factories all over the world, this watchmaker is supporting a circular economy and Canada’s GDP to boot – yay! Based in Vancouver and featuring a small selection of classic styles, I am so grateful Berg & Betts reached out to me this year, and that I get to sport their gorgeous classic watch with black strap. I get compliments on this watch A LOT. At $89, these watches are affordable, timeless and planet-friendly. (product image c/o berg & betts)

Of all the accessories I’ve been wearing, I get the most compliments on my simple gold beaded bracelet from Muriel & Co. I love the simplicity and message behind each of these pieces; that your jewelry should last for years to come and should be a daily reminder of strength and self-love.

I know, I know, TWO watches on a sustainable round up? But as you know (or not, if it’s your first time visiting, in which case – welcome!), my purchase decisions are primarily based on slow. As in, does this item fit with my lifestyle, closet, and will I love it for the next decade? That being my criteria, this classic DW watch fits the bill.

This was such a fun collaboration. Heather is based just outside of Toronto and her beautiful jewelry is everything a minimalist needs. Sleek, refined, yet full of spunk, I love the fun-factor my tassel earrings add to any outfit. They see so much use.

Talk about MIND-BLOWING. When Boro reached out, I had ZERO hesitation in saying YES to writing about them. Not only does Boro totally NAIL sustainable style by offering a clothing rental service, but it is a ZERO-WASTE formula because their inventory doesn’t have to be purchased – it’s on loan from the most stylish closets of Toronto. So no extra production was undertaken to satisfy this model. I LOVE IT. If you want to give them a try, use my code for an extra 15% off – they’ll ship to Ottawa!

This is my last post for 2017. I’m working on my editorial calendar for 2018 with the goal to supply regular content to you about sustainable style, slow fashion, and maybe some travel and slow living mixed in.

In the meantime, thank you as always for reading, and I wish you so much good for 2018!

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