Shop Your Closet for Chic New Holiday Outfits

I don’t think there’s anything more satisfying than shopping your closet. Getting creative with what you already have by styling an old piece of clothing in a new way can be fun, exciting and feel great. Shopping your closet is not only good for your wallet, it’s good for the planet too, because it practices responsible consumption. And it’s fun! 

In this week’s video, I share the three steps I take to transform an old piece of clothing into a holiday outfit that feels fresh and new. Of course, it’s important that your closet has a base of classic items to start off with. Here are my three steps to re-styling an old piece of clothing into a chic new look. 

Steps to Re-Styling an Old Garment Into a Chic New Outfit

1 – Pair your old garment (or accessory!) with something that is on the other end of the style spectrum. This creates an unexpected pairing that creates interesting tension in the look. Examples of fun combinations are: 

– flirty with edgy

– elegant with casual

– business with feminine

– androgynous with feminine 

2 – Style Up Your Look – Without thinking of accessories, make small tweaks to your outfit using some tried and true styling hacks. 

– pop a collar, cuff a sleeve or roll up pant legs (I’ve done videos on tricks to tucking your sweater and how to cuff your pants like a pro 😉 

– add texture

– add layers

– pick a colour palette or colour theme (contrasting, harmonioius, etc. Here’s a video on how to style colour in case you need a crash course 😉 

– choose a great pair of shoes

3 – Add and Accessorize – Add the final touch to your look by accessorizing. Fun accessories can be: 

– layered necklaces, bracelets

– a hat or headpiece

– belts, rings

– tights and hosiery

Why Shopping My Closet is My Favourite thing

I am so happy to tackle old eveningwear or fancy pieces in this video. Similarly, I have a video about transforming basic pieces into killer evening looks which you can find here. The concept of shopping your closet and using what you have is really the foundation of my channel, and I’m so happy to get back to the heart of that content in this video. I am also really happy I was able to incorporate a few new pieces. As much as I love reworking my old clothes into chic new outfits, it’s important that I incorporate some new items with the old so that I continue to get excited about all the clothes in my closet. This ensures that I’ll keep loving and wearing them for years to come! 

Most of my items in this video are old, but you can shop some similar ones below!

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