RBC Canadian Painting Competition at the National Gallery of Canada

RBC Canadian Painting Competition at the National Gallery of Canada

If you’re looking to live a more slow life, or to capture fleeting inspiration in a tranquil setting, may I suggest the National Gallery of Canada as a great jumping-off point? In the past, Ottawa has been accused of being the city that fun forgot, but as a lucky urbanite who sees the merits of our national museums on the regular, I beg to differ.

Among some of the awesome moving exhibitions and installations that came our way this year, the National Gallery was chosen to host this year’s RBC Canadian Painting Competition.

This competition provides emerging artists with the tools they need to become established artists. Out of 673 applicants, 15 finalists were chosen to win a prestigious, career-boosting prize: $25,000, mentorship support, and one of a kind opportunities for exposure.

Here’s the exciting bit: the winner of this competition will be announced Tuesday, October 17th and the exhibit showcasing all 15 finalists can be viewed until October 22nd. With the weather getting cooler, this is perfect wrapped-in-a-blanket-scarf-gallery-browsing weather. I suggest you seize it.

I had the very fortunate opportunity to preview the exhibit before it opened, and I was impressed and fascinated with the paintings on display. I also cheered (internally, because let’s be real – galleries are all about distinguished indoor voices) the support and celebration of emerging art in Canada. Whether you understand or appreciate art, I believe indulging in it from time to time can do wonders for a dose of mindfulness and peace. So a big (un-gallery-like) round of applause to RBC and the Gallery for championing this together. And also for inviting me.

I highly encourage you to visit the exhibit over the next two weeks, especially once the winner is announced! Judge for yourself which is your favourite and let me know. And as always, enjoy the sweetness of enjoying art!

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