They say there’s a first for everything. Even at the age of 30, when I’ve had a few “firsts” and feel as though it’s becoming harder to be surprised, I had another “first” happen to me – and I’m still not sure how I feel about it.

The other day, I was waiting to go on air for a daytime show and was chatting with some of the models I had hired, as I always do. When the subject of high school came up, I was excited to find that one of the models was attending my old high school. And so, as people typically do when they find a connection – she excitedly tried to find a mutual friend with the background of our shared high school. Despite there being more than a decade between us and me convincing her that the only commonality we would find between us would be the wall on which my co-president portrait is hung (some shameless reminiscing – I think I peaked in high school), she persisted, and lo and behold! came up with a name I too, recognized.

“Yes! I know him!”

Pleased with herself, she exclaimed: “I thought so! He’s old too.”

And there it was. My first time being called old.

Does that make it official? Of course, the label of being old, or young, or anything is all relative. To my parents’ friends I’m part of the “young people” crowd, but in the eyes of a fresh faced teenager – someone who knows how to use snapchat without having to search an endless amount of tutorials (guess who’s guilty?!); I’m old.

More shocking than this blatant explanation however, is my reaction. For the next little while, pride seemed to simmer below my (clearly aging) surface. For whatever (probably deluded) reason, I felt wiser, more worldly. I almost felt as though I earned that age. All because of one monosyllabic word coming out of the mouth of a teen. Did I like being called old? I’m still not sure. Perhaps I wasn’t entirely mortified because, when looking at it from a lifespan perspective (assuming I live a long and happy life – fingers crossed), 30 isn’t so bad.

But who knows? If my parents have taught me anything, it’s that age is just a number. And I’m going to hold out hope that even a few decades down the road, I can still be surprised every now and then.


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