My Secret to a Festive Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

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At the time I’m writing this post, it’s still unclear whether we’ll be able to see family and friends for the holidays. Without the social occasions of holiday parties, getting dressed for the holidays might seem completely irrelevant. But in my personal opinion, I think the best way to stick it to 2020 would be to inject some festivity into our lives by way of our closets. 

This season of staying home or celebrating with friends and family outside is the perfect time to try a holiday capsule wardrobe. But might I recommend a little twist? Why not support local clothing rental companies by sourcing some key stand out pieces from them? Your holiday capsule wardrobe will become the perfect amount of extra. I promise. 

Here are the pieces I would add or switch out of my traditional holiday capsule wardrobe for something fun from a rental company: 

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Outerwear is expensive but can make such a fun first impression. Especially if some of your holiday events are being moved to outdoor venues, an eye-catching coat can be just the ticket for this season. 

I already have several statement skirts in my closet, so this is more for those of you who don’t. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled out a fringed or metallic number at holiday parties. A statement skirt is truly a powerful separate that works with ALL of your basic tops, so a clothing rental could seamlessly integrate with your holiday capsule wardrobe.

this is where I am seriously lacking. And again, if a lot of your holiday rendez-vous are outside, you’re going to need somewhere to stash your mask and it might as well be in a killer statement bag that you would only pull out once a year, no?

That’s the beauty of rentals. Outrageous statement pieces can seamlessly integrate into your holiday capsule wardrobe without a huge investment or worry that they will only be used once a year. It’s also a very fool proof way to ensure nobody else will show up wearing the same thing to a party. And finally – it supports a circular economy and keeps otherwise discarded garments and accessories out of landfill. 

So what do you think? Will you try a clothing rental for your holiday capsule wardrobe this season? 

Here are some rental companies whose selection I love! 

Thanks as always for reading!

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