My Favourite Fall Capsule Items

I’m not typically one for capsule wardrobes, but I love the idea of choosing your key items per season and building outfits around them. I guess that sounds a lot like a capsule wardrobe but to me there is more flexibility in this practice, especially if you have a larger closet and want to increase the rotation of certain pieces over different seasons.

The idea for this came from Mademoiselle Jamie, who did a video that showcased the essential items she would have in her closet if she weren’t a fashion blogger and had to have many pieces in her wardrobe. I thought this was a brilliant way to shop your closet in a different way, so here we are.

I guess you could call it a mini capsule of closet essentials particular to this 2020 season. My fall season is quite short, so this is a mini fall capsule with 15 pieces, but I was able to create 30 outfits. After looking back while editing this video, I realized there were several combinations I could have added. Here are the 15 pieces I chose – watch the video above to see all the looks!

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  • A sweater dress: easy and comfortable – perfect when you want to be cosy and put together.  
  • A jumpsuit: same as above except a little more badass.
  • A pleated mini skirt: the perfect item if I ever need dressing up. It’s the perfect weight to handle chunkier sweaters. 
  • A body suit: A great layering piece, and adds a touch of colour. 
  • A light weight turtleneck: Another great layering piece which adds more depth because of the high neck.
  • A medium weight sweater: Cashmere is always a good idea in the fall. This is perfect for layering and as a final touch.
  • A chunky sweater: I think this brings home major fall vibes and adds texture. 
  • A pair of blue jeans: because I don’t know how to dress without them. 
  • A pair of leather pants: because they’re a great alternative to denim without feeling too fancy. 
  • One medium purse: I make sure to match this with my shoes in a capsule to get the max “put together” feeling in a capsule ensemble. 
  • A pair of flats: I would recommend choosing something a bit elevated with a pointed toe or added detail for interest. 
  • A pair of sneakers: because it’s the last time I’ll wear them until next June. 


Thanks for watching! 

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