Inspiring Women in Sustainability – International Women’s Day

Inspiring Women in Sustainability – International Women’s Day

With International Women’s Day in a few days, I couldn’t help but remark on the exceptional women who have been in, and have come into my life and changed it for the better. Despite being a fairly competitive space, I am always in awe of how much support and encouragement I receive. Equally, I am regularly touched and bolstered by the support from my little community that’s grown on Youtube and I am eternally grateful for the women who take the time to offer me virtual words of support and kindness.

Equally, there are women who inspire me in the sustainability and slow fashion space: they are thought leaders and change makers. But all buzzwords aside, these women are exceptional, thoughtful, and are truly making the world a better place through their actions and initiatives. Here are a few that I’d like to share, along with the incredible platforms and projects they’ve built. 

Livia Firth: The one who made eco fashion chic. Livia Firth is the founder of Eco Age, a consultancy that works with global brands to build responsible businesses practices that serve people and the planet.

Greta Thunberg: The one who told off a group of world leaders at the UN’s climate conference – and she’s only 15. She started her activism journey with a school strike in August, and since then 20,000 students across the world have joined her cause.

Shobha Philips: The one who founded Proclaim, the inclusive lingerie line made in L.A. from recycled plastic water bottles. I’ve been following Proclaim since I heard Shobha’s interview on Conscious Chatter and was blown away by her thoughtful yet strong approach to female confidence, ethics, and sustainability.

There are so many more women in the sustainability space who are making waves. In fact, Ethical Hour states that in the UK, 41% of social enterprises are led by women – pretty cool, no?  

Now i’d love to know; do you have any inspiring women you’ll be thinking of or reaching out to this International Women’s Day?

As always, thanks for reading, xo

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