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Get the Most Out of Your Summer Dress Feat. Vintage Dior

Get the Most Out of Your Summer Dress Feat. Vintage Dior

I never understood the mentality behind buying something new for every social occasion or every one of the 5,486 weddings you’ve been invited to in one summer. (Sadly, that time of my life has passed – we’re onto baby season now, BUT – I still hear friends lamenting the fact that they have to buy yet another dress or outfit for some random occasion).

Aside from there being some amazing rental options like Rent Frock Repeat, and my new discovery Boro (more on this to come!), there’s also this: YOUR CLOSET!

Yes my friends, although dresses are more difficult to style in a way that people won’t recognize it, they can be worn multiple ways and you get to save money, and reduce your environmental footprint by getting creative with your closet.

I was recently gifted a beautiful vintage Christian Dior dress after curating the wardrobe portion of an estate for a most wonderful client. I think my heart actually stopped when we pulled this dress out of one of the moving boxes – the details are exquisite and not seen often these days (couture excluded, of course). I immediately noted how versatile this dress can be – and with a few small accessories changes, have styled it three ways.

I apologize now for the obscene amount of photos, normally I don’t post so many of the same look(s) but the details on this dress deserve that kind of attention. I had an amazingly talented photographer in Laura Kelly, as I knew she’d be able to capture this dress beautifully. I hope you enjoy!

For a wedding, or formal event: 

I kept it simple, added some gold jewelry – a vintage necklace and some fun circular earrings I found at H&M that brought out the boho vibe of the dress. I really wanted the dress to be the star here, so a nude pair of shoes that complemented the intricate cut outs and hem of the dress were added.


 Shoes: Manolo Blahnik (6 years old), necklace and signet ring: vintage, pinkie ring: Mejuri

Bridal or Baby Shower/Creative Networking or Community Event: Wearing a dress over pants is on-point and can bring an elevated piece into casual town without looking awkward – I added some jeans, put the original belt around my neck as a choker (It also makes a great headband) and added a heftier navy belt and navy heel. I swapped out the earrings for something impactful but more understated. Adding a watch can also instantly create a leisurely vibe.

I got a bit more experimental and playful by taking the fabric from in the dress and tucking it up into my belt to create a faux pocket. Can it actually hold anything? No. But it’s a great place to put your hand during those awkward social/networking events. It also brings those beautiful cutouts near the hem to the visual forefront. I added a leather jacket for some edge.

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Belt: Banana Republic (9 months old – try this one), Jeans: Alexa Chung for AG (1 year old – these are great too), Shoes:  3 months old – Club Monaco, faux leather jacket: Nordstrom, watch: Sears Canada

Casual date night, weekend plans: It doesn’t look like much, but the look changes with a swap of the original belt from being a choker to a thin scarf falling down the front creating a nice vertical line, swapping the edgy leather for a classic denim jacket and heels for flats. The denim underneath is totally optional, the same feeling of casual leisure is still achieved thanks to the denim jacket.

Denim jacket: 2 months old – Levis at Sears Canada, watch: 2 months old – Sears Canada, flats: 2 years old – second hand Burberry from

Got questions about styling your items differently? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

As always, thanks for reading, xo

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  1. I saw the dress on you and it’s besutiful, quality of fabric and you wore it so well. But it’s amazing how you are able to diversify it’s look for different occasions from formal to casual and with the different accessories. Beautiful as always Alyssa.

  2. Alyssa – I’ve said it more than once – this dress is GOALS. My heart would have stopped too. This is such an amazing find. It reminds me of a great article I read in Vogue. Some editor was driving through Upstate NY on her way to NYC and came across an estate sale. She wandered in and there was a perfect Hermès Birkin Bag in signature orange. For $325. $325!!!!!!

    My heart stopped when I read that and I still fantasize to this day about it happening to me.

    The styling in this post is top notch. You are so creative! I wish I was more imaginative with styling. I roll up my sleeves and immediately think I’m Rachel Zoe. Sigh.

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