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From Where I Wish: Ibiza

On a day where it is -30, post “Blue Monday” (Do you know this existed? Do you know if it’s real?! ), and where facebook reminded me I had been friends with a certain person and amazing travel buddy for “8 years!”, I thought about the warm glow of Ibiza. How would this odd combination of occurrences bring me to this sunny island? I’m not quite sure, my brain makes odd connections, BUT. Today I’m picking Ibiza as the place I see when I close my eyes to daydream, and here’s what I would wear.

osman, Eugenia Kim, Jo Malone, gladiator sandals

The gorgeous inspiration photo is from a little gem of a boutique hotel I found online. The thing about these travel posts (with the tiny absence of physically traveling), is that I still get to enjoy all the fun of vacation planning! (It’s what I tell myself as I stare out into the raging tundra that is my city) Pure House Ibiza  looks like a slice of relaxation inducing heaven on an island that is perpetually known as a party hub. I love boutique hotels, and since it’s been about 7 years since I visited Ibiza with my Facebook Certified Friend of 8 Years, I thought this is where we’d stay should we go back. (Are you reading this, E.Reid?)

As for what I wore when I was in my early 20’s, it was similar to what I wear now. However, since this post takes place in a mystical dream world where my credit card has a no limit (actually, scratch that, I don’t use credit cards in this imaginary world, I use CASH) and packing efficiently doesn’t matter, I would bring this ridiculously beautiful Osman dress (because of course I wouldn’t worry about it wrinkling –  pffft – I would have it pressed at the hotel!) and a pair of light hued sunnies to match the perennial sunshine of Ibiza. Black sunnies would be too harsh for this kind of travel wardrobe. To take the dress into easy breezy territory, I would add gladiators and a giant straw hat. The Anya Hindmarch rainbow purse was too fun not to include, and allows this outfit to go entirely from day to night with the deft swap of a shoe. Or not, because flats are a girl’s best friend. A splash of Jo Malone Peony & Blush cologne is all you need in the morning – and don’t forget your bathing suit bottoms! Tops optional since nude beaches are always the best ones. 😉

Happy Daydreaming!

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  1. 7 years????!!! oh lordy lordy. What a TIME we had. We had so much fun, I was bed ridden for a full 24 hours on our last day

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