Diner En Blanc – The Easiest Event You Will Ever Attend

I absolutely hate it when I’m in invited to an event and the dress code isn’t stipulated on the invitation. So when I heard about Diner En Blanc coming to Ottawa, I thought – PERFECT! The dress code is IN the title! Everybody will look chic and fabulous, and it’s very obvious that food will be in abundance for the evening. My two prerequisites to a great evening out; food, and fashion, are not left to ambiguous question marks in bougie unassuming event invitations. There is no “casual-festive-cocktail-formal-attire” conundrum that I need to dissect and analyze, and I don’t have to stuff Cliff bars and peanuts in my purse in case the “appetizers & cocktails” really mean a few malnourished shrimp and one 3 oz glass of bubbly.

Also, after watching this video (below) of previous Diner En Blanc events (because what started in Paris as an – of course – enviably chic concept is now a global phenomenon covered in the likes of Vogue, Forbes, and the New York Times, to name a few), where some invisible accordion sporting a striped shirt and beret is playing french bistro music while good looking people wave sparklers in slow motion; I clearly want to be in on that action. And so should you.

August 11th people. Our sleepy government city is getting a taste of its European influence and some secret location will be divulged to attendees who know what they’re going to wear and what they’re going to eat. The only unknown will be the location and how much of a good time it’s going to be. A little backwards, a little cool. I think we should all be into it.

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And I will see you … there?

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