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Become a Smarter Shopper With This One Easy Habit


It’s hard to keep track of all the beautiful fashion offerings out there these days. With sites like The Outnet, Netaporter and Reformation offering us new goodies on the daily, plus whatever enticing storefronts we pass on the way to work, we can’t help but take a peek and maybe make an unplanned purchase (or two). I mean, it’s hard to turn down a cute metallic bomber that only costs $49.99.

Sometimes those unplanned purchases turn out to be gems that we love forever. (YES! Insert praising hands emoji here) But more often than not, because we didn’t need them in the first place, they get worn a handful of times and slowly fade into the background of our closet, to be rediscovered during a purge, or donated when they’re out of step with the next trend.

But what if we hadn’t made that purchase in the first place? What if the money we had saved went towards a stunning classic blazer (I’m looking at you, Smythe!) that we’ve been coveting for the past few months, and once purchased will be one that we cherish for years to come?

Enter your shopping list. It’s kind of like a grocery list, but for your closet. It’s a well-known fact that when grocery shopping with a list we spend less money and are more efficient with our food consumption. Why not apply this theory to our closets?

I did, and have been shopping with a list since we moved into our tiny condo (since there was literally no room for unnecessary purchases or an overflowing closet). The result? I couldn’t help but notice that I make fewer impulse buys, and the pieces I do end up buying, I wear a lot. (Again, the size of my tiny closet also forces me to be extra thoughtful, but having a list is a great guide and fallback when I find myself wavering).

All that’s needed to start your list is to go through your closet and find out what you’re missing. Sometimes this takes a while, but it’s worth it (you can even do some purging while you’re at it!) Your list can be comprised of anything; Maybe you need a snappy pencil skirt to wear on fun days at the office but that will also make a statement for date night. Or maybe you find yourself missing a belt of just the right thickness to update some of your trusted denim. As you and your personal style evolves, your list will continually change – it’s not set in stone. Whatever you need to tell yourself, here’s why I think you should try shopping with a list, and see how it works for you.

– saves you money by helping avoid wasteful purchases – you are buying a piece you know you will wear

– helps you prioritize your fashion funds, by only buying what you need, the money saved can go towards investment purchases which will stand the test of time

– builds the foundation of a well-edited wardrobe because you avoid emotional purchases and impulse buys

– saves you time in the morning, because over time, your closet will be comprised of pieces that you love and actually wear often

– it forces you to shop with intent – meaning you won’t settle for an item that is only “OK”

Some of you may be thinking; “OK Alyssa, you’ve just taken all the fun out of shopping – it’s my therapy!”

I get it. I really do.

There’s another little trick you can employ that will keep shopping fun, and it will still help save you money and make smart purchases. Aaaaannd I’ll share it with you next week!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading! XO

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