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Banish Outfit Envy With These Easy Tricks – and WITHOUT Shopping

Banish Outfit Envy With These Easy Tricks – and WITHOUT Shopping

How many times have you seen someone else’s outfit – in the street, on Insta, on Pinterest – and immediately logged into your favourite shopping app to locate and potentially purchase whatever items you were coveting just minutes ago?

We’ve all been there.

As a reformed chronic-comparer, I understand outfit envy very well. But recent slow fashion and sustainable style choices have since come to the rescue! Watch this week’s vlog for some tips I employ to replace outfit envy with outfit inspiration.

For an abbreviated version, there’s this:

Instead of looking at the individual items in the look that you’re missing and think you need, identify what else you love about your #ootdinspo. Here are some questions to help you along:

What is the style of the look?

Identify the style and if it works for you – is it preppy? dramatic? feminine? androgynous? monochromatic or minimalist?

What is the silhouette?

Proportion and fit are everything when building an outfit. What about the silhouette do you love and can you recreate it with items you have? Volume on top, tapered on bottom? Or the reverse?

What styling hacks did they use?

What about your own clothes can you easily alter to replicate your outfit inspiration? Are the cuffs of jeans or sleeves rolled? Shirt collars buttoned up? Sweaters tucked in? Are there multiple layers?

Pin below to save this vlog for later, and as always – thanks for reading.


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