I Tried An At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit: Here’s How It Went!

You wouldn’t know this by looking at me, but I have a complicated relationship with my teeth. When I was in middle school, we learned that I had a tooth stuck up in the roof of my mouth, so I had to have a procedure to expose it and pull it slowly down with braces. In addition to this, we discovered that I was missing several adult teeth. Namely, the two on either side of my two front teeth, and a couple of molars. I still have my baby molars (hang in there guys!), but with the absence of two front teeth, the rest of my incoming adult teeth would grow in their place and I honestly don’t care to think what the result of that would be.

So between the ages of 13 and 16, I had 4 pretty major dental surgeries, braces (didn’t we all at that age?) and ended up with two dental implants front and centre in my smile. I felt like a new human. I smiled big and bright and felt so confident with my full set of teeth. However as I got older, and drank more tea and enjoyed more cappuccinos, my teeth started to get yellow. This is totally normal of course, but my two indestructible ceramic fake teeth stayed the same bright 16 year-old white and recently, I could really start to tell the difference. I became more self-conscious, not showing my teeth as much in Youtube videos and smiling with my mouth closed. I’m a big chicken with pain and pretty frugal, so professional whitening at my dentist wasn’t an option. I had tried the at home white strips but didn’t have the patience or commitment to a set routine and never really felt the effects. Homemade baking soda concoctions weren’t working either. And those 45 minute long at-home strips? Why did nobody warn me they are SO PAINFUL?? (Or maybe i’m the only one – chicken with pain, remember?)

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photo c/o Boakview photography

Enter Smile Brilliant. It was right around the time that I was looking for alternate whitening solutions that they reached out. Knowing this would be a great fit and experiment (I can’t be the only one who is a chicken and frugalista, can I?)When Smile Brilliant offered to send me their at home whitening kit I was skeptical, but game to give it a try. I spoke to them about all of my concerns about pain, and especially my worry about how the gel and kit would affect my dental implants, and they were incredibly responsive and full of great information. They also encouraged me to call my dentist before committing to anything which I really liked. After chatting with my dental technician who advised not to put the whitening gel on my implants and gave me some additional tips about making the procedure painless, as well as going over the chemical ingredients, and I went ahead with it.

I received my kit in the mail which came with clear instructions, a kit to make impressions of my teeth (including extra clay in case I mess up the first time), and several syringes with both desensitizing gel and whitening gel clearly labelled. My only wish so far was that there was a way to make the packaging more zero waste and that I understood the chemical ingredients better but I understand the need for sanitary precautions here.

teeth whitening, teeth whitening for sensitive teeth, at home teeth whitening, smile brilliant review, at home teeth whitening giveaway
I created my impressions easily enough, sent them into Smile Brilliant with the pre-paid postage and packaging already included in the kit (I had to pay for postage as I’m in Canada, but it is prepaid for US residents) and received top and bottom impressions shortly after in the mail.

Now for the actual process. I was SO nervous. It actually took me a while to get up the courage to use them, but aside from that – the biggest challenge which was totally unexpected was actually finding the time to sit and whiten. I go to bed early (like, pyjamas by 8:30, lights out by 9PM – am I the only one??), and we tend to eat dinner or work until later, so there wasn’t a regular time period for me to whiten. I had to make an effort to schedule it in but once I did I got into a good routine.

I started with the desensitization gel and only a 30 minute application of whitening gel. (They recommend anywhere between 30 mins to 1 hour and 30 minutes which is great if you need some flexibility in your schedule). Aside from a bit of tingling, it was pretty painless! I WAS SHOCKED. They also advise that you not drink tea or coffee within 24 hours of whitening, which was actually a great habit that I got into to wean me off of drinking a cup of tea a day to once or twice a week – i’ve since kept up this habit and I’m really happy about it. Chalk up another positive side effect to this little experiment.You receive three syringes of whitening gel (plus 3 syringes of desensitizing gel) and I was able to get about 4 applications from each syringe. By my second syringe, I no longer needed to use the desensitization gel and was able to keep the whitening gel on for 45 minutes. Half way through my second syringe, I started to notice a difference in the whiteness of my teeth. The colour difference between my implants and real teeth was diminishing – I was starting to get my old smile back. I don’t think I can explain how much this meant to me. I am someone who smiles a lot, and big. I smile when I talk and tend to randomly smile at strangers. Being self conscious about my smile was not something I was used to and made me pretty bummed if I’m being completely honest. 

If the most sustainable wardrobe is the one you already have, then the most sustainable way to accessorize it is with a great big smile and a lot of confidence. I really believe this, especially since I have a long and crazy history with my teeth and my smile. 

teeth whitening, teeth whitening for sensitive teeth, at home teeth whitening, smile brilliant review, at home teeth whitening giveaway
before Smile Brilliant
teeth whitening, sensitive teeth whitening, at home teeth whitening
after Smile Brilliant
teeth whitening, teeth whitening for sensitive teeth, at home teeth whitening, smile brilliant review, at home teeth whitening giveaway
Back to my smiling self:) photo c/o: Boakview Photography

Thank you Smile Brilliant for offering me a free trial of your whitening kit in exchange for my honest opinion. If you’re interested in an at home whitening kit option, Smile Brilliant is offering a discount code to my readers! Use msbeltempo15 for 15% off the site OR enter this giveaway to win your own at home whitening kit! Note about the giveaway – an email is required – not for marketing purposes, but to contact the winner AND because everyone who enters will receive a $20 off coupon for your tray set! 
As always, thanks for reading! xx

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