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An Easy & Affordable Way to Wear the Military Trend

It’s so simple. It occurred to me the other day when I had the buttons changed on my navy Mackage peacoat … the military trend is one of my favourites and is a silhouette that I’ve incorporated into my looks over time (if Emmanuelle Alt rocks it, then so will I … or I’ll try to anyway), and when the buttons started popping off on my peacoat (after only 2 seasons – what’s happened to you Mackage?!) I thought it would be a great excuse to replace them with gold, nautical themed buttons (for a total cost of $15+tax) to give my peacoat a more military-inspired style.

And THEN I thought; holy shit this is so simple, everybody with a black, navy, red, forest green (heck, any colour peacoat really) coat can swap out the buttons to catch on to today’s trend. If yours already has epaulettes then go wild and throw a shiny button on there too. If you’re super crafty and want to take the look up a level, grab yourself some felt in a contrasting hue and put it under your lapel. (I didn’t do this, I am NOT that crafty, but maybe in a year or two, when my coat needs more love, that’s what I’ll do instead of donating it)

So instead of spending money and perpetuating the speediness and wastefulness of trends that you’re not even sure you like, go to Fabricland and have fun in the notions section for a bit. Changing up¬†simple details on garments is an affordable, and environmentally friendly way to save pieces you may be tired of.



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