ABOUT ME - The Long Version

As a fashion stylist who spent years searching for clothes and accessories for other people, I grew tired of society’s constant need for “new” and “stuff”. I also had to make a drastic switch to living with less when my husband and I moved into a tiny condo with an equally tiny closet 6 years ago. By circumstance, I’ve discovered the joys of living with less, loving what I have and being hyper selective about what goes into my closet. The result is a small wardrobe full of pieces that I love, and that I challenge myself to get creative with in lieu of buying something new.

As I learn more about sustainable and slow fashion, I am discovering some truly amazing brands and companies that are coming up with innovative ways for EVERYBODY to be more conscious about the impact their closet has on the environment.

I hope to share these awesome discoveries, along with my style tips for a more mindful closet, with you on this blog. So if you’re looking for a place to buy the next “it” item – here may not be where you want to chill for the next little while. BUT – if you’re looking for a conscious way to interpret trends, or interested in finding that elusive investment piece that you’ll have in your closet until the next generation of iPhones, maybe grab a cup of tea and stick around for a bit.

Thanks for visiting,