A Tourist in Your Own City: Eating at Jackson – Ottawa Art Gallery

A Tourist in Your Own City: Eating at Jackson – Ottawa Art Gallery

I love being a tourist. When I can’t be a tourist in an exotic country I try to be a tourist in my own city.

Even better if it happens spontaneously, and that’s exactly what happened when I was out with my lovely friend Dominique. We were taking pictures for our respective blogs and decided to pop into the newly minted Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG) to check out The Jackson, a drop-dead gorgeous space that is making its mark on Ottawa’s social scene.

With our mouths agape (because that’s inevitably what happens when you walk into a multi-storey open to above restaurant kitted with plush leather and velvet seats, accented by of-the-moment gold and marble textures) we were invited in for some cocktails and food, and at the end of a busy day – who were we to refuse?

First up; cocktails that felt like a dose of summertime served in vintage glassware.

Mine was called the Colonial Drift (an incredible concoction of gin, organic honey, blossom water spray and bee pollen garnish among other ingredients), while Dom tried the Spring Song, a refreshing mix that used Basil Essential Oil.

We were treated to three incredible dishes; a delicious salmon poke, roasted cauliflower with puréed chickpeas and black beans, and vegan vichyssoise topped with mushrooms and beets.

I felt as though these dishes were made in such a way that every bite is meant to be truly enjoyed – slowly, thoughtfully. I think it tastes even better knowing The Jackson sources non-GMO, organic, local ingredients and sustainable seafood, as well as working with local farmers.

Co-creators Caroline Gosselin and John Leung are committed to creating an offering that doesn’t just taste good, but that embraces wisdom, wellness, and love. Their use of the works in the gallery as menu inspiration is another indication of creative mindfulness. This is definitely my type of restaurant.

Should you go for a visit?


Whether you’re visiting Ottawa for the weekend or have lived here all your life, The Jackson and the Ottawa Art Gallery offer an inspiring way to fill an afternoon, evening, or morning.

Located on 10 Daly Street, The Jackson can be found in the Ottawa Art Gallery – the perfect stop after enjoying Rooftop Yoga (free!), Toddler Mornings (also free!), or Creative Sundays (you guessed it, also free!).

I am so happy Ottawa has another cultural and culinary addition worthy of a visit.

Thank you The Jackson & OAG for the wonderful treats and treatment in exchange for an honestly written article.

Photography by : Eric Vance Photography

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