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I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it here on the blog, but since I was little I’ve loved evening wear. My current aesthetic begs to differ but here’s my story: When my mom would take me shopping, I would make a bee-line to the evening wear section of whatever store we happened to be in. Each dress that took my fancy literally came to life before my eyes. I would see some beautiful woman wearing it and create a story in my head about where she was going, what she would look like as twirled and danced (because obviously she was going to a party where one dances), what her hair looked like – everything. Oddly enough however, though my love for evening wear never went away, my desire to wear it did. Not simply because I have very few occasions to get dressed up, (or maybe that is the reason? I didn’t become a princess so, you know, galas not being part of my daily reality may have something to do with it), but because my personal style has evolved into something so, so relaxed. I find myself reaching for pants and denim for every occasion, even formal ones, and when I go wild and decide to wear, say, something more feminine, I’ll reach for separates like a skirt and tee.

So when I had the opportunity to shop some awesome pieces online at Tobi, I felt as though my need to be comfortable, casual, yet still feminine was totally answered with their pieces. I chose a great stretch cutout dress – find more dress options here, a FAB jumpsuit (like, seriously fab – I wore it 3 times within the first week of getting it, all in different ways, which is hard for a jumpsuit, but this one makes it easy. P.S: Those wide legs make a KILLER silhouette) – more of which you can find here, and a sweet little romper which will be featured later on – stay tuned, it’s a cutie. In the meantime, browse their rompers here – goodness knows this weather is practically ORDERING us to get our summer wardrobe in gear asap. Some other summer staples that can do your closet wonders are Tobi’s bodysuits, cocktail dresses, & midi dresses. I promise, you’ll have a great time shopping.

jumpsuit full body wind

jumpsuit smiling looking down

jumpsuit with jacket stairs

white dress full body face profile

white dress standing 2

white dress standing

Thanks as always for reading! XO


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  1. THE DRESS IS TOBI TOO. SO HAPPY YOU SHOP TOBI cuz i need someone close to me to tell me what it really is abt lol. And hw good of a quality it is really

    1. lol yes – I find online shopping tough but the pieces i received were as pictured – light material, but they’re summer pieces. The white maxi is well lined so I was happy about that too. Both of those pieces would look SMASHING ON YOU xox

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