From Where I Wish: Australia

Traveling is awesome – don’t you think? In the absence of any tickets purchased to far away places in the foreseeable future, I’m using the internet to fulfill my geographic dreams. (You know, since we have yet to figure out apparition) This picturesque poolside is from the Hamilton Beach Club in Australia; a place I’m lucky enough to have visited on honeymoon with the big frenchman. It’s just as gorgeous as in the photo, and if I were there right this minute, below is a play by play of what I would be wearing and why. For now, it’s in my dreams!Hamilton Island, Australia, Hamilton Island Beach Club, Net a Porter,, Neiman Marcus, Saint Laurent, Karen Walker, gladiator sandals, Jo Malone, black bathing suit, embroidered maxi dress, beach wear, vacation outfit inspiration, fashion stylist

I don’t even own a beach bag (I always forget to bring one on vacation so I end up doing my best to make a plastic bag look AMAZING – I can say I’ve failed at this about 100% of the time) but if I did, it would be this one. (Actually, that’s a lie, since purchasing this bag would mean the big frenchman and I would be rendered homeless due to an inability to pay our mortgage – back to the plastic bag it is!) Metallics win no matter where you are so don’t be fooled by these Greek Sandals – you can wear them on any continent where the weather stays above freezing. This swimsuit checks all my criteria for vacation beachwear: on-point one piece without the bulk, strappy straps in a contrasting colour and a deep V which is the ultimate flattering neckline. Also, this maxi. The name of the brand alone makes me want to buy it but the tassels and embroidery may also have something to do with it’s allure. Other vacation accoutrements; a white journal, (that will no doubt get dirty in 0.25 seconds but more so because when else is a good time to reflect and practice being all introspective etc. but on the beach surrounded by beauty??), sunnies, and Jo Malone (because smelling so good can sometimes mean you can skip a shower. What?)

Hoping you can smell the sunscreen from wherever you’re sitting, XO


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