5 Multi-Tasking Slow Fashion Picks for Fall

First of all, I would like to preface this post by congratulating myself on not including jeans in a “top slow fashion picks for fall post”. I mean, wow. Is it even possible to have a top fall items roundup without a denim component? I will let you be the judge after reading this post. 

Although fall always feels like a fresh start for fashion, it is a fashion season that, I feel, leans heavily on classic and timeless items, despite all the fall trend reports floating around the internet telling you that tweed and leather are *hot* and *new*. (can you see my eyes rolling?) 

These “fall trends” are very congruent with slow fashion as they are multi-tasking staples that you can dig out from your seasonal fall wardrobe, or perhaps fill in a gap that will help you get more use out of what’s already in your closet. 

I recently realized the power of some of my staple items that I used to skip over in favour of jeans. WELL. No more! I think you will find the following 5 slow fashion picks are effortless multi-taskers, and can breathe some new life into your closet, whether they’re already in there or not. 

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I loved sweater dresses in my 20’s, then for some reason stopped wearing them. Silly me. A sweater dress is very forgiving – get it in a nice oversized cut, OR a thicker material with a touch of stretch and structure to smooth out lumps and bumps. The monochromatic palette will instantly create one nice shape for the eye to skim over. A sweater dress is comfortable (something I prioritize more as I get older … am I the only one?) and incredibly versatile.

Shop my Favourite Slow Fashion Sweater Dresses

This sounds really general. And it is, because everybody is different so our definition of “great boots” will depend on our style personality, comfort, climate, and so much more. For me, this season I’m looking for a high ankle boot, as well as an over the knee boot with a lower heel. I love the look of an over the knee boot but the ones I currently own have a heel height that only feels appropriate in the evening. (The others are patent leather and have a similar vibe) 

I also had a recent style revelation in that I have always loved ankle boots with a high enough shaft to be worn underneath cut off or cuffed pants. This is a very “of the moment” look, but I remember owning a really cheap pair to death this way years ago (in my very early 20s). Clearly, my 20 year old self was really onto something. 

Shop My Favourite Slow Fashion Boots

This one might be incredibly obvious, but hear me out. I’m not talking about your basic slow fashion sweater, here. I mean deliberately choosing a sweater with – gasp! – colour! Or print! I don’t have this in my closet yet, and it could be years before I find the right one. But I believe this is a great item to have when you are feeling a bit blah from your staples. Total disclaimer; I wouldn’t start looking for this piece until you are all set with your neutrals in this category, and have narrowed down exactly what silhouette you love most. 

Shop My Favourite Slow Fashion Sweaters

My second hand leather pants were a critical item during my week of wearing only secondhand clothes (I documented it all in a video here), and I really think they have a place in every fall closet. If leather or faux leather isn’t your thing, I definitely think a pant or skirt with an interesting texture is worth exploring. In a rich neutral, a luxe texture can give instant interest. (A knit skirt is also a good contender for anyone who doesn’t like pants or non-vegan material). 

Shop My Favourite Slow Fashion Leather or Faux Leather Pants

I live in Eastern Ontario, where coats become necessary by the end of September. If you live in a glorious warmer climate and consider an “overcoat” to be a winter item, please excuse me while I go to my jealousy corner and lament my perpetual wintry climate. 

OK now that’s out of the way – since outerwear essentially becomes what most people see during the fall, I believe it’s important to have a timeless overcoat that feels more deliberate than something you threw on to keep you warm. A classic cut in camel, black, grey or navy always feels rich. 

Shop My Favourite Slow Fashion Overcoats

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