Apr 9 2014

Be Ever Conscious {with} H&M

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I’ll have to admit, I am typically not a fast fashion gal. While I like to pepper my wardrobe with some current pieces (and H&M never fails to be my go-to), I spend hours trawling through thrift stores and vintage shops to snag a piece that is both unique and free of a guilty consumerist conscience. So when H&M came out with their Conscious and Conscious Exclusive Collections I was not only curious, but elated when they asked me to sport & style some pieces from this collection.

You see, when a retail giant responsible for churning out what seems like unlimited pieces at a breakneck pace commits to being sustainable, ethical, AND issue quality garments … I start to wonder HOW. To be honest after some research the answer to that question is pretty long, but what I can tell you is: they’ve done it. The H&M conscious collection features garments made from organic cotton (which means 19% less carbon emissions compared to using conventional cotton #fyi) and hemp, among other sustainable materials. They also partake in a host of other socially responsible activities that go beyond ethical textile sourcing to fair wages, renewable energy sources and my absolute favorite: garment collecting.

Oh yes and in addition to giving mother nature some love, the clothes are simply beautiful. I was generously given two pieces, but I will be heading back for more when the collection hits H&M locations on April 10th. For now though, here’s how I’ve styled two pieces from their beautiful Conscious and Conscious Exclusive Collections:

This eco-conscious shirt jacket is definitely going to become one of my summer staples because of the gorgeous colour and easy silhouette. I’ve kept it  soft by wearing it with white jeans, a peach cami and my Cole Haan rose-gold oxfords. It would also look great paired with a casual pair of boyfriend jeans or maxi skirt and is a great transition piece – perfect for layering with everything!

jacketdown jacketside

My next outfit is centered around a light and textured tee that says “ever conscious” backwards from the Conscious Exclusive Collection. I love that the message is clear only in the reflection of a mirror, reminding me that what I choose to put on in the morning has an impact on my carbon footprint. Even if it is only a size 7.5.


I’ve married this light and wispy tee with a pencil skirt from my office days (but here’s an updated version in case you’re interested) and my trusty tutu and schutz (updated version here).

teeright teestanding

Gorgeous photos of the entire exclusive collection can be found here, and trust me it’s worth a look.

Once you’re done drooling take a bus or bike over to your nearest H&M and snatch up a piece from the conscious collection…not only will you look good, but you’ll feel good too. Don’t forget to share your feel good finds with #HMConscious!

As always, thanks for reading! xo

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  1. Amie says:

    The Environment will thank you one day ; )

  2. Sarah Detre says:

    I LOVE those rose gold oxfords. WOW!!! NICE ONE

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